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Sheva's interview on Yahoo!
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What makes a young woman sacrifice her ultra-privileged life as an acting student in the U.S. for a chance to live in a war torn third world country? Meet Sheva, a woman whose personal search for meaning and purpose transformed the lives of many.

image of sheva from video clip"Twelve years after I left Nicaragua, I received a phone call and the person asked me, "Do you remember Julio, Ana Raquel, and Jorge?" I started crying and said, "Of course I remember. They are in my heart every day." The person said, "Would you like to talk to them?"

Jorge had put himself through school with the money I had sent him. He became a psychologist and the head of an orphanage with 30 kids under his care. He also had a daughter whose middle name was named after me.

After they found me I flew back to Nicaragua and visited them. Jorge greeted me and pulled out a pocket knife that I sent him 12 years before. I never thought I would see it again. At that moment I asked him, "How did you do it?" He looked at me and said, "There were a lot of times that I was tempted into crime and prostitution to get food, and I said no because of you. I knew I had a "mother" who cared about me and someday I was going to find you again and make you proud."

When I heard about this I knew that I needed to do this for as many children as possible."

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